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How to Explain Internship Experience in Interview ?

Start-off by mentioning the company you have interned for and the domain you mainly focused on along with the duration you have spent with the organization.

The whole explanation should be limited to about 3-4 minutes or less. Showcase yourself by sprinkling some action-oriented and positive words.

Try to target the major things and values you have gained from the organization and how this will help impact your life professionally. Continue with explaining how you feel that your future career decisions are impacted due to this internship.

Go ahead and explain how your supervisors/trainers/mentors have guided you during the internship process. Furthermore, try to help the interview understand how you have increased your networks and how you have gained some experience on the workplace culture.

Make sure to be enthusiastic while talking about the whole ordeal and refrain from pulling down the organization as it leads the interviewer to have a “defaming”-oriented perspective towards you.

Then explain about any projects you have worked on, what you had hoped to accomplish and what you have achieved during the whole internship duration.

Conclude in a way that makes both the interviewer and you feel satisfied.

Why This Question ?

If you have had previous internships done either during your college or after, we at CampusGroom provide training on how you can present your skills acquired during internships and how you can showcase to the interviewer on how you performed and presented your skills.

If you have done previous internships then you would also have worked on some real-time projects during duration of the internship. The reason companies ask this question is that if you are getting hired from the particular company, you are most probably going to be working on the Real-Time Projects. Also, if you have had any prior experiences in this, you will be able to catch up the things quickly.

Constructive Way To Explain Your Internship Experience :-

EX:- I have done my Internship as a XYZ(Profile Name)Developer From XYZ(Company Name) for the Duration of 3/6(Duration) Months.

The senior Employees there were very helpful. They helped me in my work and also taught about the field i am going to work in.

I Have learnt alot of things during my Internship i.e. How to utilize my Academic knowledge for the Real-Time Application. How Companies actually works on the Projects.

During my Internship i have learnt ABC, XYZ(Technologies Name) And used the same. I have worked on 3(Number of Projects) Projects Namely ABC, XYZ etc.

The First Project Name was (ABC) in this project I have worked as an Angular Developer(Profile Name) And i have worked on These Modules(Name of the Component).

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