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How to Introduce Yourself in Interview ?

First of all, start off by stating your full name and continue with what you’re currently pursuing. While speaking, be sure to refrain from using any acronyms, abbreviations or slang words.

Remember to be cordial in your speech. After giving a brief one-liner about your current status, go on explaining where you have graduated from during your schooling (12th equivalent and 10th).

Keep in mind not to stress on the marks secured as it is already available in your resume and you would not have been short-listed for the interview if you failed to reach the minimum criteria.

After a brief overview about your education, carry on with your technical skills. Here, try to start off on the skills you are most confidant in then fade out to the least.

Now coming to the most important part of the interview where you can really showcase your talents- The Projects. Try to keep in mind that the whole introduction is about 3-4 minutes long. So, introduce your projects in such a way that makes the interviewer intrigued towards it and a need to know more about it. Keep this part short to about 1-2 lines per project.

If you are applying for an advanced position, it is better off to end your introduction here. In case of freshers, you can go ahead with your strengths, weaknesses, short-term goals, long term goals, familial background, etc.

Finally, conclude your introduction by thanking the interviewer for giving you a opportunity.

Why This Question ?

As per your resume or CV interviewer knows almost everything about you But still they ask you this question to make you comfortable in the interview because you already have some idea while preparing for the interview that almost in every comapany interviewer starts their interview with this question "Tell me about yourself".

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