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How To Explain Your Project in Interview ?

Entrap your interviewer within the first few seconds of the explanation by starting off with the most enticing introduction. Don’t just tell the interviewer in a monotone way, dynamically captivate the interviewer’s attention.

Continue with explaining the modules you have used while designing the project and the platform that you relied on. Go ahead with the tools and technologies you have utilized in your project.

After the technical aspect of the project is done, follow up with the functions and the advantages the project possesses. Now, to showcase your contribution towards the project, explain about your role, the number of people who worked on the project and the time taken to complete the project.

The interviewer then expects to learn more about your mindset and how to deal with any backlogs or failures. To help the interviewer gain an idea, follow up with any challenges that you/ your team has faced during the time frame of the project or the drawbacks with the project.

Finally, in order to show your commitment towards accepting your minor flaws and a zeal to acquire more knowledge, share your views on where you personally feel that you could make the project even better.

Conclude in a way that makes both the interviewer and you feel satisfied.

Why This Question ?

If you have done some Projects then definitly you would have worked on some real-life problem solution projects. And this is the reason why Companies ask this question, Ultimately if you are getting hire from the company, You are going to work on the Real-Time Projects only. And if you have some Prior Idea/Experience in the same then you will learn the things quickly And it will be added advantages for the company as well.

Cunstructive Way To Explain Your Project


I have worked on (Number of projects) till now. Namely (first project), the objective of this project is (project idea/objective). Specify the uniqueness of your project in front of interviewer. To develop this project i have used technologies(name of the technology you have used to develop this project). Explain other projects as well in the same way(if you have worked on more than two projects).

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